POET - Portland Contracting Options  09/18/17 12:36:41 PM

Contracting Options We Offer

Spot sale – Any corn brought in “for sale” without a contract will be priced at our closing nearby bid on the day of delivery.

Delayed Price “DP”- Bring in any quantity of corn with price to be determined later. DP corn can be priced during trading hours at our nearby bid. Delayed Price Corn cannot be applied to a forward sale contract and cannot be forward sold. Pricing must be done during CME trading hours at Buyer's posted nearby bid. Title of grain passes to buyer upon delivery.  Fees apply. Call for current rates.

Flat Price Contract – Contract that sets both the basis and futures price on any quantity of grain for a certain delivery period prior to delivery.

Basis Contract – A contract that sets the basis only on any quantity of grain for a certain delivery period. You the futures price at a later date, prior to futures month first expiration day.

Futures Only/Hedge to Arrive – A contract that only locks in the futures portion of the price. Basis to be set prior to first delivery, based on delivery period chosen. Small contract fee to apply.

Average Price - Sign up any number of bushels during a sign-up period. Our marketing team evenly prices your bushels over the pricing period for a small fee. Great way to evenly market your crop over many months.

POET Market Manager Contracts - Sign up any number of bushels. Our marketing professionals work to obtain the best price they can for your bushels over 11+ months. Check our Market Manager tab for sign-up time frames and past performance. Fee is 10 cents per bushel.

POET Farmer Specialty Contracts: (all require 5000 bushel increment quantities)

  • Minimum Price Contract (Single Obligation) allows you to set a floor price for any delivery period and stay in the market for additional gains by watching the futures market.  Contract cost typically ranges from 12-25 cents.

  • Minimum Price Plus (Double Obligation) is similar to Minimum Price, with the bone of lower contract fees by possibly committing a like number of bushels for future delivery. Contract fee is typically 2-5 cents less than single obligation MP.

  • Premium Plus receive a premium over any of our posted bids on contracted corn. In return for premium you agree to sell an additional quantity of corn at a predetermined futures price if the market moves above that futures price level (possible double obligation). If the double obligation strike price is not met, you keep the original premium and owe no additional bushels. Premiums fluctuate with the market from 5-25 cents.


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