Inbound Truck Instructions  10/09/19 2:53:24 PM

  • If there is room in the main inbound scale driveway (yellow line above), trucks will line up there to scale in.
  • If trucks are lined up to the bend in the driveway, additional trucks should line up in the overflow lot "bullpen". Please do not block the enterance to the bullpen or line up on the county road.
    • General established practice is for the last truck in to turn on their flashers so the next truck knows who to get behind. Trucks exit the lot in the same order they came in.
  • All corn trucks should untarp before pulling onto the scale for weighing and probing.
  • Account information will be taken while the truck is on the scale.
    • Not required, but for quicker service we recommend brand new accounts call the office before coming to set up a new account: 866-718-2676.
  • Each corn truck will be issued one reusable scan card which will automatically pull up the previous account name on subsequent visits.
    • The account information associated with the card can be updated as needed for multiple farm accounts, landlords, etc.
    • Each truck must only have ONE Portland scan card. Multiple cards can cause weighing errors.
    • Depending on truck and account type, scan cards may be large cards to attach to your visor or credit card size hand swipe cards.
      • For visor cards, flip down your visor before driving onto the inbound or outbound scale with the card facing outward. Your account info is best captured while you are moving.
      • Hand swipe cards you swipe on black box on the kiosk at the scale once you are stopped.
  • After directed by the scale operator drivers will proceed to the corn dumps to dumped into pit 1 or 2, as instructed.
    • We sometimes need to segregate corn by moisture and condition. It is important that you dump in the pit the scale operator assigns to you so that we can keep our stored grain in good condition.
  • After dumping, drivers return to the scalehouse on the outbound scale and scan their card again.
    • After allowing 10-15 seconds to allow the scale to stop moving, a scale ticket will print for the load.
    • If a 2nd copy is needed drivers need to push the reprint button on the kiosk immediately after the first ticket prints.
  • If assistance is needed there is an intercom button on each kiosk to push to call the scale operator.
  • Check ticket for correctness before leaving. Any corrections needed after printing will need to be done inside the scale office.

  • If there is not a line at the feed loadout, feed trucks may cut the corn truck line by radioing on channel 19 to check that they're not cutting off another feed truck.
  • Have your load number ready to tell the scale operator when you pull onto the scale. You do not need to come inside or exit your truck.
  • Dry feed load out is in the same building as the corn dumps.
  • Trucks must be clean and not have hauled a load that would be hazardous to animal feed prior to loading. There is no trailer clean-out allowed on site.
  • You will be given an Animal Feed Quality Assurance form, sample bag, scan card and seals.
    • Sample bag - give to loading attendant.
    • AFQA form - complete and give to loading attendant.
    • Seals - Drivers are responsible for sealing their trucks. Exit the loading bay and tarp, then put a seal on each hopper and/or tarp before going to the scale to check out.
    • Scan card - driver keeps this to scan on the kiosk at the outbound scale to check out.
      • When prompted, sign on the signature pad.
      • Wait about 10-15 seconds for paperwork to print.
      • If you need a second copy immediately press the reprint button.
      • Cards are returned after each load. Deposit it in the card drop attached to the right side of the kiosk.
  • Check paperwork for shipper and destination correctness before leaving.

Corn truck scale in to scale out time averages under 10 minutes.

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