November 16, 2020

In order to be able to continue to produce feed that meets our customer's needs for low Vomitoxin (DON) DDGS, starting Tuesday, November 17, POET Portland will begin to require select trucks to wait for a DON test before dumping corn. We are using a much faster test than in past years. Wait time, in most cases, will be about 10-15 minutes vs up to 45 minutes in previous DON years. Based on random sampling we have done to date, I expect that only about 10% of each day's trucks will wait for a test before dumping. 

Corn that contains DON is contaminated with Gibberella mold. This mold causes kernel damage that most often presents as cob rot and weakened kernels that break easily. Because of this, the selection criteria for holding trucks for DON testing will be loads with one or more of the following:
1. previous customer DON test result above 4 PPM, and/or
2. presence of cob rot, and/or
3. broken corn and foreign material (BCFM) 3% or higher.
If the test result is under 4 ppm, the corn will be accepted without a discount. If the test result is 4 ppm or higher the corn will not be accepted. 

Presently only about 20 customers will need to wait on DON results based on criteria #1 above. If these customers have their next couple loads test under 4, their future loads will only need to wait for a test if they meet criteria #2 or #3 upon inspection at the scale. If a customer continuously has grain test 4 ppm or higher, we likely discontinue buying their corn for the remainder of the year. 
We have tested 1 or more loads from most customers that have hauled in over the past month. If you would like to know what your test result(s) were before delivering, you can call Mark or Audrey at 866-718-2676 during regular office hours, 7:30-4:00. 

For more information on corn molds, you can watch his video from Ohio's Extension Service, this Purdue publication explains Gibberella mold:

This will be subject to change as DON levels fluctuate throughout the year. 

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

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